A journey across time, place & minds.


Traveling on foot, canoe, and by bike across the historic Missouri River Breaks region of Montana is a journey of beauty and wonder. It's a landscape that's been loved and rediscovered for thousands of years, from early humans and Native Americans to the Lewis & Clark expedition and artists like George Catlin and Karl Bodmer. This is also the home of the country's most ambitious conservation efforts: American Prairie Reserve.

From September 11th-18th, 2017, American Prairie Reserve CEO Sean Gerrity will meander across the landscape joined by experts and special guests as part of the third annual Transect. The trip is more than an opportunity to get outside and see wide open spaces; it's part of a mission to honor the national and natural heritage of America by finding meaningful ways for all people to access and experience this special place.


In September 2015, American Prairie Reserve president Sean Gerrity journeyed across the region joined by experts, modern-day explorers, philanthropists and conservation leaders. Watch this short video to experience the first annual transect.



Learn more about this cross-country journey and what life will be like hiking, canoeing, biking and camping on the Transect.

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Meet the modern day explorers and experts that will be ongoing participants along the Transect this year.

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See photos from the first two Transects to imagine your experience with the region's scenic views, wildlife, and camp life.

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Discover the mission and vision for American Prairie Reserve, including progress to date.

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